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Buffalo Run Road Rally 2017
02-02-2017, 05:41 PM (This post was last modified: 02-02-2017 05:41 PM by Frump.)
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Buffalo Run Road Rally 2017
We have once again reserved the Community Center is North Sioux City, SD this year. That is the same location as last year. The date will be Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend). This year's theme will be something about curves, still working on a snazzy title. If you can't read between the lines, our intention will be to get riders to ride as many curvy roads as possible. We hope you will have a better appreciation for the region's topography before the day is finished.

This will be a 12 hours event.

This will most likely be the last year the Buffalo Run starts and ends in the Sioux City Loess Hills Area.
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08-31-2017, 08:17 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2017 12:51 AM by Frump.)
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RE: Buffalo Run Road Rally 2017
We are working on the rally packet. I hope to have the initial rider packet emailed out to all riders sometime on Friday, but I reserve the right to email it on Saturday if necessary. There will printed copies available Saturday evening at the get together. The packet will not change significantly between the version sent out and the final version handed out Sunday morning. I'll post in the GLMC Garage when I mail out the packet, so if you see the post but didn't get an email please let me know 712-253-4650. Also, there will paperwork to register if you didn't do it online.

Saturday evening we are serving brats, beans and chips at the Kerkow RV which will be located at the KOA campground just up the side road from the Community Center/Fire Station in North Sioux City (Rally Start/End Point). We will start serving food around 6:30 PM and will continue until the food is gone or until 8 or 9. The Saturday evening meal is optional. You can get some of the paperwork done there before Sunday morning. Look for the RV with the motorcycles parked nearby.

Sunday morning we will open the facilities at 6 AM. Odometer checks start at that time. You can pick up your final rider packet at 6AM there. A mandatory Rider's meeting will be a 6:45AM Sunday where we will cover questions and go over any last details. The rally will begin at 7:00AM. You will need to return to the Community Center by 7:00:59PM. Anyone arriving back after 7:15:59 PM will be DNF. Anyone arriving back between 7:00:59 and 7:15:59 will receive a penalty. Exception - Riders who decide to collect Bonus #1 will begin the rally at 5:00AM Sunday with a photograph of a date/timed receipt and their odometer reading. Riders who decide to collect Bonus #1 must notify the Rally Master of their intentions before 9 PM on Sunday. If you intend to collect Bonus #1, you may not collect any other bonuses.

We will provide coffee, water, bananas, and rolls or donuts Sunday morning at the Community Center.

Riders must document their bonuses on a scoring sheet as they collect bonuses during the rally. Riders must turn in their scoring sheet or be scored within 30 minutes of arriving back a the Community Center in North Sioux City Sunday evening.

The Sunday evening banquet meal will be Sneaky's Chicken, Frump beans, Original Randy potato salad, chips, buns, and desert. The meal will start at 7 PM. Award presentation will commence as soon as everyone is scored. If you bring alcohol beverages, we are not allowed to drink them in the parking lot after the rally, but you can have one inside.
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09-02-2017, 08:00 AM
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RE: Buffalo Run Road Rally 2017
Riders packets for the Rally with all the points and places on it were emailed out last night. If you didn't get one text me your email address at 712-253-4650 or call me.
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09-02-2017, 04:24 PM (This post was last modified: 09-02-2017 04:25 PM by Frump.)
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RE: Buffalo Run Road Rally 2017
There were some questions and answers as follows regarding the early rally pack. Note there were some corrections. The corrections will be in the final rally pack handed out Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Also, I'm sending out a updated GPX file from Jack, there was at a bonus location in Hamburg missing.

4- Comfirm Oto, IA
4A Confirm picture of intersection
9B Missouri to Beebeetown F66? Not F56
13 E54 hits 37, I cannot find 31
17 is that a question or a picture
20 B Picture of Farm?
59 Statue? Not status
Buffalo pics only 1 or as many as we can find accepted?

4 - Yes, OTTO, IA.
4A - Yes, Old 141 (signed as D25) and D54 is the intersection there.
9B - You are correct. Its F66, also called Canal St. or 335th St. The road barely qualified as paved, but it is paved and its a great road.
13A - E54 and Hwy 37 is not correct unless you are looking at Google Maps. Google mapped it as both E54 and L16. My photo shows the the actual sign saying L16. It is also called Olive Ave. Dammit Google/Chad.
17 - Might be either, final rally pack will have all the details of what is required at each location. Nothing tricky.
20B - There is a farm there. There will be a photo or question to answer. Need to make sure you folks don't take Hwy 30.
59a. Only 1 live buffalo photo with your motorcycle can be claimed.
59b. Only 1 statue or photo of a buffalo can be claimed.
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