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GPS Y2K Epoch Day for my 2610?
04-05-2019, 10:04 AM
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GPS Y2K Epoch Day for my 2610?
I was forced into getting a new cell phone this week. My Nexus 6P kept disconnecting from the cellular network since Google's last poison pill update for it in December when they stopped supporting it. My wife and I spent weeks trying figure out a work around. Last week I had to give up, tired of rebooting my phone 6 times a day to check my text messages. I refused to pay $800+ for the new one I wanted, so I found a barely used Pixel 2 for fraction of the cost on Swappa. The day after I ordered it, Google announced they were discontinuing the sales of the Pixel 2 so the price on the used ones dropped another $100 overnight. It will get updates through October 2020 before it becomes as useless as my $500 Nexus 6P did. I kind of figure Chad owes me now, so that is the only upside.

Now, today I read I probably need a new GPS. I knew about this for years, but I had forgotten the date. My faithful and reliable Garmin 2610, which to be honest has seen better years and is missing a few roads since map updates stopped a few years ago, may be on its last day today. The Y2K like GPS epoch day for older GPS's is Saturday, March 6th. That is when the GPS time counter rolls over and my 2610 will most likely loose it's ability to accurately measure time. Without an accurate time, the GPS will not be able to triangulate it's position, even if the road I'm on doesn't exist in the GPS. Basically, I need to buy a new GPS. Once again I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on item which I don't use all that much. Any ideas?

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GPS Y2K Epoch Day for my 2610? - Frump - 04-05-2019 10:04 AM

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