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Tire changers - Lapchik - 09-21-2016 07:47 PM

Me, spoons, and levers don't get along. I know a few people have hitch mounted changers, just wondering how they work and what they cost. Trying to find a good alternative to spoons without buying a $4000 machine.

RE: Tire changers - SnowFlake - 09-21-2016 11:24 PM


I used to wrestle tires ... mostly used c-clamps and wooden blocks...that is until Jack told me about these...

I know they are still irons...but they work GREAT!!

You can borrow them before you buy.


PS going to be on the road for a few days so may be slow to respond

RE: Tire changers - ajayhawkfan - 09-26-2016 05:45 PM

No Mar tire changer. This is the complete package, changer, balancer and all the tools to make it easier. http://www.nomartirechanger.com/Classic_Model_Tire_Changer_Ultimate_Package_p/tc-classic-ultimate.htm

I got the model that slides into a 2 inch receiver hitch.

I use to get tires done at the dealer. This paid for itself in 2 years.

RE: Tire changers - Lapchik - 09-26-2016 06:58 PM

That looks like what Frump and his buddies use. I've used it once, worked a lot better than my levers.