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Update August 18th - Frump - 08-18-2016 01:35 PM

We have 12 or so people signed up (not all on RideMaster), we would like to see a few more. If you want a t-shirt, please signup before August 22. I'll have a few extras, but I can't guarantee one for you after that date. If you want to come and help, let me know and send me your shirt size.

There are going to be a LOT of cool bonuses this year. The theme is "Let's all go to the movies". You may also want to sign up for the Grand Tour if your interested - there "might" be some related mini-bonuses.

Although the term pavement might be questionable in some places, all the bonuses are on paved roads this year.

I'm working on a reserved meeting spot for Saturday night. Tentatively it looks like the back room of the Half Moon Bar and Grill (that just a mile or so south from the Harley and BMW dealerships for all you hard heads and engineering nerds, respectfully).

We have someone baking treats for us Sunday morning. We will also have bananas, coffee and juice.

The Sunday evening banquet meal thus far is Sneeky's chicken, Orig Randy and my baked beans, my coleslaw, baked potato, and desert.

How many rally's have official campgrounds? I don't know but we unofficially do. Campers and Cabineers are heading to the KOA in North Sioux City. There is a deck after party at Kory's Victorian, we will provide some kind of transport to/from if you want it.