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RE: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN) - Lapchik - 08-02-2020 02:30 PM

Honestly 80-90% of the scenic tour I'm thinking of I could do on my goldwing. 100% if I was brave or peer pressure was involved.

RE: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN) - Lapchik - 10-01-2020 03:26 PM

Plan is early June, guided dual sport ride in the Glenwood/Sunberg/Spicer area.

Will be an all day event [200-250 miles] starting and ending in Glenwood, MN.

Nothing crazy as far as terrain goes. About 40% paved, 50% gravel, 10% dirt road.

There will be a lunch stop, and then after the ride there are a lot of options for food in Glenwood. Maybe I will have my smoker built by then too, who knows.

I have plenty of room for [tent] camping at my house, but not much flat area for RV's.

RE: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN) - Cruzin - 10-06-2020 07:11 AM

That's a long ride on my WR Sad

I might have to get my back up dirt bike running by then...The IntruderBig Grin

RE: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN) - Lapchik - 03-29-2021 09:14 PM

This event will be held out of Sunburg, MN [with 2-3 GT locations along the route]. Here are some scouting pictures.

[Image: kimg3413-jpg.2889070]

[Image: kimg3414-jpg.2889072]

[Image: kimg3415-jpg.2889074]

[Image: kimg3417-jpg.2889075]

[Image: kimg3419-jpg.2889076]

[Image: kimg3425-jpg.2889078]

RE: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN) - Lapchik - 03-30-2021 11:14 AM

Official dates are August 7 and 8. Ride will start before lunch on the 7th, with a food stop along the route.

What I am envisioning is two options, and letting everyone choose the day of which they would like to do:
1) group ride led by me, with planned scenic and Grand Tour stops, pace set by group
2) GPX and paper maps provided, and ride at your own pace

This way the people who want to really stop and smell the roses can do so, and the people who want to get the miles down with minimum stops can cruise right along. There is a public park [non-camping type] right behind the house with a public restroom. There is plenty of space for tent camping in the back yard. There is also Monson State Park a couple miles away for fishing and camping. I hope to have my smoker built and tested soon, and I also have a gas grill.

The regular campout should be mid-late July [I think]. With everything that had been cancelled last year, I'm really excited to have two of these laid-back style events so we can all catch up. I miss my moto friends.