Full Version: 14th Annual Big Sioux Rider Spring Campout, Mother's Day, At the Dam - May 12-14
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The "14th Annual Dam Mother's Day Big Sioux Riders Camp Out" will be on May 12-14th in 2017. The Camp Out starts on Friday afternoon as in recent years. Everyone is welcome to stay and camp Friday and/or Saturday.

I'm looking forward to another fun weekend. I hope to see some of the other GLMC people this year.

There will be FREE PIE........
We are cooking supper both Friday and Saturday evening this year. Cheeseburgers, coleslaw, chips and homemade brownies Friday night. Brats, kraut, campfire beans, chips, and cobbler Saturday night. Maybe some kind of pie too? We will also have snacky foods for munching on. Good, hot coffee all weekend. Riding for BBQ Saturday afternoon in South Yankton, NE if anyone wants to just meet us there.

There are some minor updates on the flyer with all the details:

I'm particularly looking forward to this campout this year. It's been 14 years since we started this. I spent over 15 days fighting a series of stuff earlier this month when I should have been on a riding vacation, spending almost 11 days in the hospital. I'm recovering now, but I can't smoke cigars for another 3 to 6 months. I highly encourage those who can smoke, to do it around the campfire so I can at least get some good, second hand cigar smoke. If you want to me to bring you a cigar, let me know.
Lookin' forward to another weekend of great weather and fun none the less!
"Riding for BBQ Saturday afternoon in South Yankton, NE if anyone wants to just meet us there.". <== Well that location is not going to work out - they don't open until 4 PM daily. We are working on a new location in the same general area for lunch on Saturday. I'll post an update here after we get it figured out.
Need anything picked up at Costco on my way to the rally?
(05-08-2017 08:52 PM)GearheadGrrrl Wrote: [ -> ]Need anything picked up at Costco on my way to the rally?

Chips or something like that if you have room in your sidecar. I'll pay you for them.

Saturday Lunch Location Change - Saturday lunch will be at Muggsy's at 821 Broadway Ave in Yankton, SD. If anyone was planning on meeting us there, expect to see us between 12 and 1 PM. It's one of Sleddog's favorite lunch places in Yankton.

Before lunch we are stopping to see the 72' aluminum sailboat still under construction in Springfield, SD. The builder Greg is going to meet us there and show us his progress. It's not on the Crazy Horse completion schedule, it will eventually be finished. Greg is saying 2 or 3 more years now. We should be there about 10 - 10:30 AM Saturday if anyone is interested. It's about a 1/2 block North of downtown. This has been a rally bonus location more then once... and may be again. Dream Big.

[Image: vRqHMAwj47-g6NSg50qHWst-y_MiUVeABahJi3_9...no?img.jpg]
In typical BSR fashion, we have killed another restaurant by planning to meet there. Muggsy's is apparently closed. The new and final location for lunch on Saturday is Yesterday's Cafe at 2216 Broadway Ave. in Yankton. This is a local diner and they are setting aside a couple of tables for us. We should be there about noon. Please let everyone know. Thanks.
'Tain't us, chalk it up to population loss and poverty in rural america.
That was a great camp out. Thanks to those of you who made it. More of you guys and gals should come next year, we had a lot of fun. Where else can you get a bait shop owner to make you a great breakfast and sell you a nice Mother's Day card like this:

[Image: TlN_V7u1BmvPtPwH8sPC8tYNLqbvuSKXUkHjBs-S...no?tmp.jpg]
Marlene thought the card was great! I did well with that ideaSmile
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