Full Version: TC to KC BBQ Run IV
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This is the best meal at the best deal going. Check it out here: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/tw...6.1112209/

If you plan to attend you need to sigh up on ADV.

Hope to see lots of you in Kansas.

I am planning on being there.
I'll see you then if not sooner. We are planning on being in MN the last week in July. We have a house rented in Lake City.

Bumping as a reminder. We are going to start collecting names towards the end of August.
I'm looking forward to coming down. Even have my fingers crossed that I make it on two wheels!
I'm going to try and make this work!!!!

Maybe even bring Haley if I can???? Smile
Jack I expect you there one way or another. Don't worry, I have enough patches to fix your leg cart again if needed.

Chad, hope you can make it. Would like to learn what a dual sport adventure rally is about. Sounds like something I would be interested in.

so the destination is KC? On Saturday?

If so I will probably just ride from Omaha down and not go to TC?!?!?!
Actually it is near Blue Mound, KS.

I'm planning on going to PieFest in Lincoln on Aug. 20. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/pi...e.1151672/ On the 19th going to Omaha to meet some friends from the TC for food and drinks. You should join us.
[quote='Shooter' pid='5871' dateline='1468506507'] On Saturday?

Missing Friday at the Peanut is not an option! As is Saturday lunch at the Char Bar
Suck it up & take Friday (afternoon) off!
Oh, you might wanna put some TKC 80's on the Feejer
Last year it is Thursday night at Peanut and Friday lunch at Char Bar. But people can do it your way as well.
Oops! You're right. I like your schedule better. More time to digest before main performance Saturday evening.
Everyone knows about KC BBQ but not many know about the Peanut's wings and BLT's. That is a secret locals don't want too many people to know about.
I talked to Sleddog today and he filled me in on all the details.....I'm down for all of it...Peanuts, Char Bar, and the ranch!!!! Smile
Sorry folks, I would love to go but I'll be camping in the city park in Marne, IA that weekend. No fancy pies and peanuts, but I hear my friend Friar Tuck "LineRider" Nordlie is bringing a few little kegs of his home brew. I have plans to visit two different IPC Pork Tenderloin restaurants, plus maybe some secret side trips for the Buffalo Run. Also trying to maybe getting a Honda ready for the People's Choice show on Sunday if I can find the time.

Sign up is now open

Shooter I better see you there
22 people already "In".
Don't see Shooters name on the list ?
(08-28-2016 01:45 PM)LSGiant Wrote: [ -> ]Don't see Shooters name on the list ?
Shooters, I have not his name come through.
I will see him this weekend he is notorious for not getting his paperwork in
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