Full Version: Marne/Baxter Open House - Aug 16-18
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I'll be camping at the City Park in Marne, IA (pop 119) on August 16th to 18th for the Baxter Open House and Bike Show. Usually its a hoot. You can camp anywhere you want in town except some private property. No showers, but there are real bathrooms and a water hydrant in the park. My friend Paul (aka Linerider) usually brings some homebrew kegs in his MC trailer (we chip in donations to help cover his costs). Entertainment includes cigars and bad jokes around a campfire (unless its really dry). There are no fees and you can live off of Baxter's snacks and hotdogs, the Boy Scout pancakes, Firemen cookouts, and the local bar's food.

You bar-fly types can camp literally right next to the bar.

Details here: http://www.baxtercycle.com/

Photos from last year: http://tinyurl.com/n8husx6

I'm looking forward to getting out and riding the next 4 weeks, after being stuck doing work and family stuff the last 3 weeks. Also planning on BBE and Husker BMW Rally.
Thanks for posting this.
Vanessa and I are planning on riding over on Sunday.
Hope to see you over there.
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