Full Version: Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, NE
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Any one interested? Sunday August 30th say 1PM,maybe earlier. Lets do something while summer is still here.

post if you want to meet up.
0% interest ,I'll just stay closer to home.

Maybe some one will suggest another RTE before harvest arrives.
Would love a giant hamburger and an entire pound of cheese curds, but that's 295 miles for me one way, and I have to do a little more work to the goldwing before I attempt 600 miles in a day.
South Dakota has seen a tremendous spike in C-19 cases since Sturgis. Going from one or two per day to 300 - 400 per day. The majority of customers at Bob’s bar are bikers, some of them probably attended Sturgis. I’m not willing to take the chance.
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