Full Version: 2020 Motorcycle Show meet up
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Anyone have plans for getting together at the Minneapolis Motorcycle Show


Past hook ups have been Fat Nats for breakfast, lunch at the show, and evenings and multiple places after the show
I would love to meet people for breakfast (9am???). I am working a booth at the show from noon to 2:30 and have plans with one of the visiting vendors for dinner after the show is done.
ALSO: My hubby and I have two empty bedrooms (queen beds) for any visitors. Smile Let me know if anyone is interested.
I am interested
I should be there with 1 or 2 or 3 in tow.....

And to be clear to all 3540 Winnetka Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427 and Carol called the time 9:00 AM.

I may try and arrive a bit early to get a table, let me know how many might be coming.

See ya'll soon (that was texas talk for Jeff)
Sorry folks, I could not make it. How was the meet-up?
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