Full Version: 2020 Popcycle
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link to event info: http://glmc.org/popcycle_derby.php

I need to throw a battery in the CRF250L [finally dead after 8 years] and find a trailer, but I'll be there. What is the best route through/around the cities? I'm more apt to take the 30 minute longer route highlighted in the photo because I HATE big cities and traffic.
Early morning on the weekend the metro traffic isn't bad. When I go to Hutchinson, I usually go through Belle Plain and avoid the metro all together. It will add more time.
I'm with Don, take 50 across all the way to Lakeville! Avoid the cities all together.
Building a trailer just in case it's not nice enough to ride down there and ride back.
[Image: received_473297283579468-jpeg.2078047]
I think you better beef that trailer up for that big load Big Grin
I don't have the goldwing ready. Even if it was, that's a bit heavy for slick roads. I'll be bringing the little Honda. Hope it starts. The goldwing fires right up, but the crf really struggled.
Got the trailer finished. Too cold to paint it, so that will wait for spring.

[click to enlarge]
Looks good. See you at the Popcycle.
I will be in need of a few volunteers for the Popcycle. Anyone who has some time whether it's in the morning, 9am to noon or afternoon, Noon to 3pm. Would be appreciated. Thanks, Don Q.
Went for a test ride on the lake today. Think I finally figured out a calculator/stopwatch combo that works! Maybe I wont be dead last!

[Image: p2290001-jpg.2159141]
Doreen and I would like to thank all the riders and volunteers that showed up at the 2020 Popcycle Derby. Had 3 riders that had never done the Popcycle before.
1st Place- Bruce and Matthew Mike. 0 pts
2nd Place- Sev Pearman. 2 pts
3rd Place- Kory Morehead. 3 pts
Link to photos from event I took: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4rQCgYh6ygvmNDmH8
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