Full Version: Dual Sport Event (Glenwood, MN)
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Honestly 80-90% of the scenic tour I'm thinking of I could do on my goldwing. 100% if I was brave or peer pressure was involved.
Plan is early June, guided dual sport ride in the Glenwood/Sunberg/Spicer area.

Will be an all day event [200-250 miles] starting and ending in Glenwood, MN.

Nothing crazy as far as terrain goes. About 40% paved, 50% gravel, 10% dirt road.

There will be a lunch stop, and then after the ride there are a lot of options for food in Glenwood. Maybe I will have my smoker built by then too, who knows.

I have plenty of room for [tent] camping at my house, but not much flat area for RV's.
That's a long ride on my WR Sad

I might have to get my back up dirt bike running by then...The IntruderBig Grin
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