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As long as it's listed as an official populated place, I'm good with it.
in an earlier post you said "As long as it's a populated place, like the ones compiled from the USGS database". Is a Military Base considered a populated place even if its not listed in the USGS database?
For example, Picatinny Arsenal. It is fully populated "town" with houses for the officers & their families and entertainment (golf course, restaurants) in addition to the usual barracks.
That's good, I'll accept it.
Cool, thank you!
Has anyone been to:
36 - Louisiana - Driskill Mountain?
Photo of the Mt. Zion Church. From the Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church parking lot on State Route 507, hike 1 mile along logging roads, following the signs, to the summit. Please do not follow the painted blue trail! It has been unfinished for years and will lead you onto private hunting land!

Is it ok to ride down the logging road? Sounds like a fun road to ride down and if I go I will be in a bit of a time crunch. Why are we walking to a parking lot?

Those instructions were from the one of the Mt Driskill hike descriptions.
The one mile hike is on private land and is meant to be on foot, it is not meant for motorized travel.

The required photo is at the Church parking lot at the beginning of the hike, the hike is optional.

Got it

Last capture for the GEM tour. What fun!! Mailed my stuff today

Wiggly Bridge York, ME

[url=[Image: 48805697601_3fdcc20581_b.jpg]]

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