Forum Announcement: Open Road Announcement and Hints
08-20-2013, 07:00 PM
Open Road Announcement and Hints
Customizing Settings in User CP (Control Panel)

Once you are registered and logged in, click on the "User CP " link at the top. You can change things like your signature, time zone, and avatar. If you want to add some avatars to the sites default collection email them to me. Otherwise you can link your own special avatar in your CP.

MyCode Tags and HTML

We don't have uploads turned on in the Open Road area, but you can still link using mycode tags ( which are very similar to the BB tags used at The Barn. We also allow embed HTML (unless we start getting problems with spammers) in posts. The mycode image tags can be used to put images into your post.

Get to Main Page Fast

To get back to the top of the forum quickly, click on the GLMC logo banner at the top of the page.

Viewing with Threads like on The Barn

If you want to see things like the old forum, click on "User CP" link above, then "Options" in the CP. Under "Thread View Mode" select "Threaded" and save your results. Next click on "Update options" button at the bottom to save your change. That will display the first post in a thread and a thread lists of posts on the thread.


Moderators can attach files in the Announcements forum, but the files must be 1MB or less.


Subscriptions are a real handy feature. You can subscribe to the "Open Road" forum, but you will get an email notice each time someone posts there and there can be a lot of posts. Instead, consider subscribing to each GLMC Events under Announcements - that should keep you informed of any major changes.

Posting Videos

[video=youtube]embed URL[/video]


In Youtube click on "Share" and the "Share This Video" link below. Cut/Paste in that URL.

Staying Logged In

Someone recently told me they didn't like the new GLMC Garage forum because every time they visited, all the threads were marked as unread, including some which had been read during a previous visit. When you visit The Garage, make sure you log back in. If you are logged in, The Garage tracks which threads you have read before and displays unread or updated threads with bold letters and symbols.
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